TBD Creative MEdia


Who We are

TBD Creative is a full-service video production company, whose mission is to deliver a cinematic experience, regardless of the project's size. With the in-house experience to handle every step of the production process, we can ensure that there is both creative continuity, so that your client's story is told in the most engaging way possible, and economic efficiency, so that every dollar spent, ends up on screen. We have produced everything from digital media campaigns to national broadcast commercials, with a diversity of clients that range from Tony Award-winning Broadway shows to billion dollar national brands, and we are always eager to add new partnerships to that growing list.


At our company's core, we believe that creating visually impressive and emotionally impactful content can be fun, affordable, and headache-free. No jockeying for credit, no artificially inflating bids, no disappearing from the grid, leaving messages unanswered - we're here to listen, collaborate, and solve problems, so that the joy of our process shines through to your audience. We pride ourselves on planning for the worst, so that potential production snags are caught before they occur, and we firmly believe that transparent communication is the foundation of trust that every relationship should be built upon. Individually, we're unorthodox producers and bold filmmakers, and every member of our gritty team has a strong background in storytelling. Be it rock 'n roll, fiction writing, improv or stand up, collectively, we've done it all, and we're excited to bring that same passion to your next project.


    To contact us simply click the link below or email us at shane@tbdcreativemedia.com