From skeleton crew shoots to full-scale commercial productions, we can execute at any scale. Whether you're looking for ideation or execution, we're happy to enter the process at any point, and we have the resources to provide full soup to nuts production services.

Our core team of producers brings a vast diversity of experience to the table, which means we can handle anything your project needs: line production (both budget creation and consultation), production management (assembling both key creatives and full shooting crews), location scouting, casting, and so much more. In pre-production, we focus on getting maximal value for every dollar in the budget, and on maintaining clear lines of communication, so no thing (or person) is ever overlooked. And then on set, we strive to establish an environment where creativity and experimentation live in happy harmony with professionalism and efficiency.

Our creative team loves working hand-in-hand with its counterparts at the agency and client levels, and is always ready to adapt. We believe in strong preparation - once the cameras start rolling, success only comes when everyone is on the same page - so we do our homework, and again, communication is key. While we love chasing innovation and playing with toys, ultimately, our goal is always to do whatever will best serve the story. And no matter what we're shooting, we're there to excel.


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We offer post production services to cover every basis: whether it's a talking head bound for Instagram, or a fiery explosion ready for the big screen, our editors take great care with every image, and will work with you to tell the story that your clients need. Our in-house team can handle color grading, VFX, motion graphics, sound mixing, design, and score, which means faster turn around times, fewer dollars spent, and a clear pipeline that makes communication a breeze.

On the editorial side, we handle the majority of our post workflow within the Adobe Creative Cloud:

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  • Premiere Pro: from the rapid-fire assembling of dailies to the fine-tune cutting of 30 second broadcast spots, from music videos to comedy pilots, our editors have started more Premiere sequences than they care to remember.
  • After Effects: compositing smoke and fire elements to build exciting explosions, planner tracking in Mocha to replace cell phone screens, rotoscoping possessed teddy bears to remove the rigging that brought them to life - whatever your project needs to take it to the next level, we're ready to provide the movie magic.
  • Audition: even if your production doesn't have the turnaround time or budgetary resources to support the full post production sound process, our team will still make sure to fully edit and mix all your project's audio, using the convenient round tripping that Premiere and Audition provide.

For color grading, we do all our work in Davinci Resolve. If your project calls for a simple color correction, we'll use the primary wheels and curve editors to create a clean visual palate that matches from shot to shot, with just the right amount of contrast to fit the picture's style. And if your project calls for a more ambitious, cinematic color grade, we'll use keyers and custom rotoscope power windows to make selective corrections, tracking all of it, so your grade moves with the camera. Whether it's cleaning up images to give the final product that proper professional look, or crafting a gorgeous grade, where color conveys emotion and is essential to the story, we always love playing with images.

And because we know, when it comes to production quality and value, your picture is only as good as its sound, we also provide full post production audio services. Our team works in Pro Tools and Ableton Live, and can provide editing, mixing, mastering and all sorts of audio repair & recovery. We utilize the latest plugins from Waves, iZotope, Slate Digital and many of the industry's other top developers to provide that warm and rich tone that will keep your audience engaged and sonically satiated.  And whether you need an eerie, ominous sound design to trigger a breath-snatching jump scare, or an airy, inspiring score to sell your brand's message of hope, we've got you covered.

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Here at There Be Dragons Creative Media we can create animation in any style, from hand drawn pencil art, to 3D, to stop motion. Our team has a wide breadth of experience, ranging from character animating Linny, Tuck, and Ming Ming on preschool television shows like The Wonder Pets on Nick Jr., to creating unique graphic show openings for programs like Guy Fieri's Big Bite on Food Network.

Our skills will take your project from rapid ideation all the way to final, polished animation, and we can handle any and all of the following:

  • Illustration and concept art

  • Graphic and narrative storyboarding for commercials, as well as motion graphics

  • Dynamic animatics

  • 2D character design

  • 2D Cel animation

  • 2D puppeting animation

  • 3D animation

  • Stop motion

We also use a variety of animation software and are always adding to the list:

  • Photoshop

  • Flash

  • After Effects 
  • ToonBoom Harmony 
  • Storyboard Pro
  • Cinema 4D

So no matter where your imagination goes, we can help bring it to life.

Gear rentals

With an extensive collection of equipment, we are always ready to provide whatever your shoot requires.

Our current inventory includes:

  • RED Epic-W cameras
  • Leica Summicron-C cinema primes
  • Angenieux cinema zooms
  • Movi Pro, with Paralinx wireless video monitoring, and Redrock remote follow focus
  • Dana Dolly; EasyRig; O'Connor 1030D tripods
  • Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlights
  • K5600 Joker Bug 800W HMI
  • Additional lighting units from Kino Flo, Hive, Lite Panels, and Arri
  • And all the audio gear, camera accessories, and grip and electric items your production requires